Artist Statement


Through my work I strive for connection.  I want to connect to my work. I want my work to connect to an interested audience. Utilitarian ceramic art provides a direct link of connectivity between the maker and the user, no matter when or where an object was made or how far it's gone in time or space.  As a person reflects on a teacup and brings it to his or her lips, a line is drawn back to the maker who earnestly created how that cup was made for that very function.  I hope to secure that bond and make it enjoyable by thoughtfully considering form, function and design in my own work and specifically based on work that is pleasing, comfortable and enlivening.  To accomplish this, I have my personal connection with my work as I strive for a certain line or curve and the more present I am, the more my experience will lead me to the end result I seek.  And, because that very presence is challenging yet ultimately extremely fulfilling, hopefully the work strongly conveys its intentions.  But, there is that disconnect between what one imagines accomplishing and what one is able to actually do.  This is a condition that I appreciate as a driving force to keep making work and positively further me in our undeniably interconnected world.